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No this isn't the end of the world.

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2020 has definitely been the most stress filled times

we've ever experienced, agree ?

(1) Covid 19 "Worldwide Pandemic" means total populations are being warned to take proven precautions to wear face coverings and keep 6 feet apart in crowds.

(2) Mass confusion as to how or who to pay attention to for direction of the right and accurate course to follow.

(3) Protests taking place across the country over prejidist police actions combined with the most divided political separation of so called left and right views.

(4) Election year to decide the next 4 years which may or may not bring about unity among the masses for a United understanding of togetherness.

(5) Questions from employees of closed retail companies being asked by good hard working employees, should this be the time to change my career choice ?

How about "Good News" ... Home based businesses are booming, and teams are being recruited to expand their Incomes with no layoffs to worry about.

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